What is a Business Cash Advance?

We offer a great financing option available to businesses in need of funding. It is not a traditional loan but a purchase of a portion of the business’s future sales. In a cash advance arrangement, a financial provider, known as the cash advance company or funder, provides a lump sum payment to the business in exchange for a percentage. Our product is a great solution if your business needs cash in a pinch in order to thrive.

With one of our cash advances, your business can get the funds it needs to keep its doors open and running. Now, you can pay off debt, pay for inventory, hire more staff, and more! The options are really endless!

What are the Benefits?

In addition to the benefits mentioned, there are a few more aspects to consider regarding our products. One benefit is our flexible repayment option.  Unlike traditional loans with fixed monthly payments, we offer more flexibility in repayment. This is great for any business that thrives during one season but may struggle in another. It allows your business to get the cash it needs and pay it back when you can.

When you apply, you also get access to quick funds right when you need them. There is no lengthy application process, so there is no waiting around. Along with this, no collateral is required, so you don’t have to worry about losing any business assets. This makes for an appealing solution to many businesses that are starting out and don’t have any collateral to put up.

Apply Today!

Apply today with us and see what you might be able to qualify for. See how you can grow your business by getting the cash it needs right when it needs it! We look forward to working with you and your business.
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